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simplicity: the next evolution in self-care


one workhorse balm

multiuse from head-to-toe

all skin types.

all hair types.

balm 33 is a slow-crafted herbal balm made by hand in microbatches, ensuring the highest efficacy product. this singular product offering is a high-quality formulation with a workhorse spirit.


use it to replace a variety of products in an existing self-care routine and/or integrate seamlessly. 

balm 33 is for people focused on maintaining the wellness of their skin and hair. it is suitable for all skin types (even acneic) and all hair types.

welcome to doing more with less.


plant-powered & straight-forward.

all ingredients support the wellness of both hair and skin. 

NO: endangered herbs, essential oils, fragrance, colorants, soy

murumuru butter, black cumin seed oil, extracts of: gromwell root, helichrysum, gotu kola, neem, plantain, tulsi, calendula, oregon grape root, elderberry, calendula co2, black cumin seed co2

inci: astrocaryum murumuru, nigella sativa oil, extracts of: lithospermum erythrorhizon root, helichrysum italicum, centella asiatica, azadirachta indica, plantago major, ocimum sanctum, calendula officinalis,  berberis nervosa, sambucus nigra, calendula officinalis co2, nigella sativa co2


creation process
our herbalism-centric, multi-step extraction process renders a more robust, potent balm and considers the solubility of whole plant constituents
microbatches made by hand


extraction 1: whole herbs are soaked in an alcohol to extract alcohol-soluble constituents (2 days)


extraction 2: whole herbs are soaked in black cumin seed oil, away from light & heat, to extract fat-soluble constituents, then blended well & strained (7 days)


extraction 3: gromwell root is heated into murumuru butter to extract fat-soluble constituents (1 day)


multiuse for hair, face, body

face moisturizer
hair "oil"
body moisturizer
small scratches
razor bumps/burn
beard balm
foot balm

under-eye moisturizer
bug bites
makeup remover (*waterproof)
oil cleanse balm
tattoo balm
hair mask
cuticle balm
hand balm

  • jar: biodegradable (hemp)

  • ingredient & care cards: biodegradable & recycled (100% pcr)

  • shipping envelope: compostable/biodegradable (corn starch, pbat, kraft)

  • shipping peanuts: biodegradable (starch)

  • shipping tape: biodegradable (plant cellulose & rubber)

  • safety seal: biodegradable (kraft)

earth-friendly packaging


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3 fl oz



(expected shipping end of march)

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